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Mic check! Mic check! – echoing voices of outcasts
Mic check! Mic check! - echoing voices of outcasts

It is only a small park of 3,100 square meters. If the place is empty, you can walk across the concrete ground in 2 minutes. Today, the Liberty Square or Zuccotti Park is crammed with people. I’d say 40% of the premises is taken by the occupiers and their tents. A people’s library was recently [...]

Summer of riots and what people say
Summer of riots and what people say

On my way home from work last night, I stopped over at my local Tesco Superstore. In principle, this place is open around the clock but the doors were closed. I was told the reason being “a riot in the nearby town”. Its car park is huge but was empty. I was shocked. Even in [...]

The Silent Spring
The Silent Spring

“The only thing missing from these pictures are bullet holes” said my father. “So you’ve been to hell and back” was my mother’s response. Last weekend, I went to see them after visiting Japan’s Tohoku region on the Pacific-side where the recent earthquake and tsunami caused major destructions. They saw my photos and film. My [...]

Speaking at Fukushima Vigil
Speaking at Fukushima Vigil

[Translation from Japanese] About a hundred people took part in the Vigil for Fukushima that Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) organised today in front of the Whitehall, opposite 10 Downing Street in London. CND is a UK-based anti-nuclear and peace organisation that was founded in 1958. The vigil was attended by Labour Party MP Jeremy [...]

How my ‘teach-in’ started in Mersin
How my 'teach-in' started in Mersin

“Tell us about the history of your organisation, then?” said Esin. I had a few hours before my departure. Our rally was over and she said we could visit some places in the city.  I said, “no thanks”. It was OK for me just to hang around at the picket-line in front of the Mersin [...]

MaQuiz – The heart that I left in New York
MaQuiz - The heart that I left in New York

It was the summer of 1989 that I visited the Big Apple. I used to live in the Bronx for several years in the 70s and this was my first return to the place which meant so much to me. At school, you were taught about equality, yet we treated each other with partiality based [...]

Album review: Folkways – A Vision Shared
Album review: Folkways - A Vision Shared

This is a tribute album to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly by a wide-rang of top recording artists, including Bob Dylan, U2 and Brian Wilson. Guthrie’s long-time business manager, Harold Leventhal produced the album in 1988. It won the Grammy Award – Best Traditional Folk Recording – that year. The full tracking list is available at [...]

Trotsky’s vacation
Trotsky's vacation

It was during the short Easter break that our family visited Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy several years ago. At home, I am often at the receiving end of guided democracy in terms of deciding holiday destinations and what to do there. And since I am regarded as a seasoned business traveler, I am expected to [...]

Where Karl Marx sleeps
Where Karl Marx sleeps

Karl Marx died on 14 March 1883 in London. He was 65 years old and spent 34 years in Britain on exile. He was buried in High Gate Cemetery three days later. Only a dozen people attended the funeral there. They were all his close friends or members of family. His wife, Jenny, had already [...]