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Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun

After walking in the woods on Saturday morning looking for bluebells, I spent the rest of the day and then the whole Sunday in oilseed fields. It proved to be very useful that I checked these locations in advance last week. I wasted no time. During the week, I was anxious to find out the [...]

Mapping out the yellow fields
Mapping out the yellow fields

It was raining just as the weather forecast predicted. After my “mapping” over the Easter weekend, however, I was strongly tempted to take out my car again and go for a drive. Yesterday, I failed to visit a location with oilseed rape because I went to a wrong parking lot. I had further thorough web-search [...]

Colours of April
Colours of April

It was a cloudy morning. I was not sure if I would go out for a walk again with my camera in this weather. You can’t expect much. Last night, I was web-searching for locations near my home where you can find fields of oilseed rape (Brassica napus). I want to add those sceneries of [...]

Good Friday and bluebells
Good Friday and bluebells

It was another gorgeous morning. After slowly finishing my cup of coffee, I was out in the countryside again. This time, the drive was towards southwest and a little longer than the one I did last week. I have been here once but that was more than two years ago. I decided to take a [...]

First Sunday in April
First Sunday in April

When I woke-up in bed this morning, I realised that it was not Monday. That made me smile. Then I opened my eyes slowly and I could see the lights coming through the curtains. Yesterday was cloudy unlike the rest of the days in the previous week that were sunny and warm. It looked like [...]

Books to read

Read the book review by Ingemar Lindberg on Global Restructuring, Labour and the challenges for Transnational Solidarity (Routhledge 2010)

Now published. The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State by Asbjørn Wahl from Pluto Press

Radical East London Walks
*Radical Jewish East End
*Anti-Fascist Footprints
*Spark of Rebellion in Bow and Mile End
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