Mac Urata Photography © 2010 – 14 All rights


What people say…”show off!”

Wow! – Derek B

Very impressive! – Ali H

What a wonderful site! – Gretchen D

These photos are wondrous…check them out! – Natalie P

Are you getting any exhibits of your work?  I hope so. - Ron C

Very impressive pictures. They tell us more than hundreds of articles in the newspapers. – Hubert H

Great photographs, Mac. You’re documenting social movements all over the world — Europe, South America, Turkey.  Incredible. – David B

Mac Urata is a union officer and activist with a keen eye for a photo (he was actually one of the judges for this year’s LabourStart contest), and he’s started a heavily union-focused photo blog to show off his work. – John W

The new site is excellent due to both the necessary selection (from one zillion other MacPhotos) and the related text. Be back to you sometime when I need an illustration for a book cover or text of my own. Keep the flag flying. – Peter W

Can I use your “Clowns against captitalists” on my Facebook wall? I was fascinated when I saw it. It’s simply beautiful! – Margaret T

Wonderful evocative photos of Occupy LSX. – Jeffrey N

Thanks for sharing your photos. Those pictures made me feel the spirit there. – Eylem Y

You’re doing great. I had a definite sense of being there in your photos that is a hard thing to capture. – Ray N

Many thanks for sharing your beautiful spring! – June O

Looks very energising and inspiring. – Stuart H

Your photos are always important to those of us who can’t be there. – Steve E

They are fantastic!! You are getting better and better by the day. Really a brilliant record. I’ve circulated them to quite a few people here, and they all love the images, and are excited that a bit of class action is taking place up north. – Jane B

It is not the individual pictures but their totality which makes the very powerful impression. Different angles, as if the spectator is on a magic Sindbad carpet and flies all around, zooms in and out. – Demet D