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The Silent Spring
The Silent Spring

“The only thing missing from these pictures are bullet holes” said my father. “So you’ve been to hell and back” was my mother’s response. Last weekend, I went to see them after visiting Japan’s Tohoku region on the Pacific-side where the recent earthquake and tsunami caused major destructions. They saw my photos and film. My [...]

Cherry blossoms and daffodils
Cherry blossoms and daffodils

I consider myself lucky to visit Washington DC twice at the time of cherry blossoms. Mind you, they were both co-incidents. At the end of the day, I have no influence over the World Bank to hold their meeting this period! That was my last trip several years ago. This time, it was another meeting [...]

Out of apathy…..?
Out of apathy.....?

Photo from BBC At the outset, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who have sent me your messages of sympathy and encouragement after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit the Pacific coast of Honshu Island in Japan on 11 March. To my relief, both my parents and my sister are [...]

Books to read

Read the book review by Ingemar Lindberg on Global Restructuring, Labour and the challenges for Transnational Solidarity (Routhledge 2010)

Now published. The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State by Asbjørn Wahl from Pluto Press

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