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One step forward, two steps back
One step forward, two steps back

In 2008, repression towards the May Day demonstrators in Istanbul was far too excessive. Riot police attacked protesters with batons and fired pepper spray and water cannon at them as they demanded reopening of Taksim Square. This historic site has been banned from labour events before, during and after the military coup of 1980. I [...]

30 November – It was a beautiful day
30 November - It was a beautiful day

I leave home as usual in the morning to work. It’s sunny and a clear blue sky is above me. On my way to office, I walk pass a hospital. The workers are on the picket-line with their flags and banners. I reach out my hand to get a copy of their leaflet. I say [...]

How my ‘teach-in’ started in Mersin
How my 'teach-in' started in Mersin

“Tell us about the history of your organisation, then?” said Esin. I had a few hours before my departure. Our rally was over and she said we could visit some places in the city.  I said, “no thanks”. It was OK for me just to hang around at the picket-line in front of the Mersin [...]

Books to read

Read the book review by Ingemar Lindberg on Global Restructuring, Labour and the challenges for Transnational Solidarity (Routhledge 2010)

Now published. The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State by Asbjørn Wahl from Pluto Press

Radical East London Walks
*Radical Jewish East End
*Anti-Fascist Footprints
*Spark of Rebellion in Bow and Mile End
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