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Photos 2011 ~ Places & Protests
Photos 2011 ~ Places & Protests

I have been to many places again in 2011 and often traveled long distance for my destinations. It is, however, equally true that I walked around local parks and downs on weekends. They are often within a short radius from home and it is just amazing how close you are to the beautiful and quiet [...]

30 November – It was a beautiful day
30 November - It was a beautiful day

I leave home as usual in the morning to work. It’s sunny and a clear blue sky is above me. On my way to office, I walk pass a hospital. The workers are on the picket-line with their flags and banners. I reach out my hand to get a copy of their leaflet. I say [...]

Celebration at Trafalgar Square
Celebration at Trafalgar Square

They deserved it – a celebration. That’s what it was at Trafalgar Square today. “Good-bye to dictatorship, hello freedom”. The people I captured through my camera finder looked joyous. The tenacity of the Egyptian people who did not compromise with Mubarak deserves to be complimented. As one speaker said at the rally which Amnesty International [...]

Snow or strike for Christmas week?
Snow or strike for Christmas week?

Heavy snow covers Britain once again this weekend. It is the second time in less than a month that our transport system is paralysed. Hourly TV News reports how passengers are stranded at airports. Trains are badly delayed in the area that I live. Yesterday, all services ended at 22.00, so their website said. Miseries [...]

A report of rail strike from Zagreb
A report of rail strike from Zagreb

Asbjørn’s strike report from Zagreb was so vivid that it prompted me to approach the five Japanese rail unions for financial contribution. It was November 1994 and Croatian railway workers were on general strike, amidst their civil war. I was working in Tokyo still. Asbjørn was working in London where I am now working. Interesting [...]

Books to read

Read the book review by Ingemar Lindberg on Global Restructuring, Labour and the challenges for Transnational Solidarity (Routhledge 2010)

Now published. The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State by Asbjørn Wahl from Pluto Press

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