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Children of Yezidi, kids from Kobanî
Children of Yezidi, kids from Kobanî

It stopped raining during the night and a warm morning with a big blue sky greeted us in Diyarbakir. As our minibus drove out of the city, green fields spread endlessly along the roadsides in this south eastern province of Turkey. From our car window, life here seems simple and quiet. How long did we [...]

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How my ‘teach-in’ started in Mersin
How my 'teach-in' started in Mersin

“Tell us about the history of your organisation, then?” said Esin. I had a few hours before my departure. Our rally was over and she said we could visit some places in the city.  I said, “no thanks”. It was OK for me just to hang around at the picket-line in front of the Mersin [...]